Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking - Syllabus for One Year

Syllabus for 12 Month

1st. Semester


Data & Information, Computer Architecture , CPU & Memory Organization, History of Computer, Generation of Computer, I/O Devices, Number System, Logic Gates, LAN System.

Operating System

DOS , Windows

MS Office

Power Point


Account Fundamentals
Manual Accounts
Computer Accounting

Internet & HTML

Fundamental, Browsing, Creating E-mail Account, Sending/Receiving E-mail etc.


2nd Semester


Page Maker, Corel Draw, Photoshop

Programming Languages

C, C++


3rd Semester

Introduction All internal devices

Mother Board, MB Types, Expansion Slots, Processor, Memory, Hard Disk, CD-R,RW, DVD-RW. SMPS.
Introduction of Expansion Card
Assembling of Personal Computer.

Installation of O/S and Application Software.

Complete introduction & Troubleshooting.

Monitor, LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS.


4th Semester

Introduction to Networking Components.

Network Components
Types of Network,
Troubleshooting of Network.

Diagnostic Tools of Internet & Networking.

Downloading the Drivers from Internet
Installation Of Drivers


One Year - Diploma in Hardware & Networking


Required  Accessories for  Hardware & Networking Course
(Card Level)

1. Separate Hardware Lab.

2. Minimum two nos. Computer for Hardware Practice.

3. All generations Motherboard, Processor, Ram.

4. Expansion Card and Cables.

5. All Ports, SMPS and UPS.

6. Hard disk, Floppy disk, Pen drive, CD ROM, DVD writer.

7. Printer, Monitor, Speakers.

8. Keyboard, Mouse, Modem.

9. Installation Kit (Bootable CD, Windows CD, All Software CD.)

10. Tool Kit.

Secure Driver with all bit.
Soldering with Solder and Paste.
De-soldering Pump.
Digital and Analog Multi-Meter.
Climping Tool.


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