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As its familiar that GIIT has launched Office – Automation, Diploma in Computer Application – Six Months, Advance diploma in Computer Application – One year, Computer Accounting, Desk Top Publication, AutoCAD, Pro- Engineering, Fashion Designing, Languages etc. Now, GIIT is going to launch e-Accounting courses on the occasion of NEW YEAR 2013. It will be a milestone in the history of the Information Technology. And as well as GIIT is offering Spoken English course along with the unique methodology of grammatical grammar with presentation and live conversation skills, our major concern is on group discussion , personality development ,and interview skills to groom the personality of a candidate to face the challenges of the globalization to compete the present scenario. These courses are very useful in day to day communication . And simultaneously GIIT has offered a unique course IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ) to the students those are willing to study overseas in order to obtain higher degree or diploma from the different countries

Now GIIT has seen the scenario of the market and the globalization owing to that after a deep sense of observation & analysis the President of GIIT decided to produce entrepreneurs, managers to lead the Export-Import Industry internally as well as internationally which is in highly demand in current era and this one not only help the associated institutes of GIIT but will also give the exposure to the students of the institute due to these courses they will obtain theoretical & practical experience of the industry and they will be able to get jobs or create jobs by being an entrepreneurs & managers inspite of the fact this will be a red latter day in the history of GIIT family . it would not have been possible without the regrours effort of Mr. R.K. Bhukkal ( Director of The British English Academy ) and the President of GIIT Mr K.B.Jangra to focus persistently on these programs & as well as the GIIT team. So the programs/courses are going to be implemented soon on all institutes of GIIT.

Congratulation Now we are Associated with the "Newworld Overseas Education Academy"


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